Being a Mom of a boy that played every sport in grade school and middle school and wore glasses, I made numerous trips to Prairie Eyecare over the years for adjustments, bent frames, broken frames and a broken lens or two. The staff at Prairie Eyecare knew I couldn’t afford to have a spare pair of glasses at home for emergencies, so they always went above and beyond to help me out. One day my son, again, broke his frames and the staff found an extra set of frames that would fit my son’s lenses so he could get by until the frames we ordered came in.Keep in mind, he couldn’t see a thing without his glasses so this was a life saver. By the time he became a 7th grader, Dr. Sanger visited with me about getting my active son contact lenses.
Carol Ostendorf
Thanks to Kristi, Tia, Kay, Tonya, Kerry, and Dr. Jeff Sanger for the professional but personal service I received during my recent visits. Having been in “retail” for over 30 years, I know what it’s like (Thanks Kerry for your patience.)
Rick Maas
The customer service at Prairie Eyecare is unbeatable. I am most impressed with the promptness in which the Doctor sees me. When I walk in the door I am greeted by the receptionist and almost immediately taken back to begin my exam. If they are running behind due to a walk in emergency, they call me. My time is valuable so not having to wait for long periods of time is important to me and my family.
Happy Customer